The world in your mouth
From the youngest and freshest to the most aged and select cheeses, we bring to your table all the tradition of the old continent and the whole world, and put to your disposition a wide selection of diary products that fit and surpass your expectations.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the traditional swiss cheeses like Emmenthal and Gruyere, the innovative Dutch cheeses that include Maasdam and Edam, and even some very recognized French and Danish cheeses like a very good Brie, Camembert or Blue Cheese.

There is nothing comparable to some great Diaco cheeses with a cup of wine and sharing these with good friends or family. Or, why not be adventurous and try mixing some Blue Cheese with local toasted tortilla?

You can decide and innovate in your kitchen, but you can always count on the quality and variety of the best cheeses in the World with us at DIACO. We invite you to read some recipes and tips in our blog.