The world in your mouth


Diaco is created in Central America on February 2009 with the vision of becoming a crucial regional player in the production, importation and exportation of specialized foods and beverages. Despite being relatively new, it comes with the experience and determination of the owners and workers that have been in the same business since 1989, and have worked with existing brands of juices, cheeses, meats, and other fine foods that go straight to the most select tables in Central America.

From the moment Diaco is born a production plant and warehouse is constructed and remodeled in San Marcos. It is located in the skirts of the San Jacinto Mountain, where it starts to develop with amplitude, good transportation connections with the city and in the border with the countryside. It clearly transforms into a modern factory and distributor of foods and beverages that is always compromised with quality, service and innovation, not forgetting its social and ecological responsibility.

Starting with 60 employees, it has organically grown to what it is today, a professional leader in its area of specialized foods and beverages, niche markets, and much more. It continues to make a name for itself in the market every day. We invite to contact us and be part of our history.