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Production Plant

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Our offices, production plant and warehouses are al located within the same premises, assuring great interaction and communication between all departments. The production plant is made up of 2 acclimatized meat and cheese processing facilities, a large area dedicated to the extraction, mixing and bottling of juices, as well as a few other production centers. To stock what is produced in the plant and our import and export products we count with spacious facilities, including 360,000 pounds of cold storage.

In Diaco we are compromised with the quality and safety of our products. Since mid-2010, we have started with preparing our facilities for worldwide respected Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) with the support of experimented professionals. Additionally, we have a complete laboratory to perform any analysis in situ and the support and approval of the Ministry of Health of El Salvador and other Central American Countries.

In our plant, everything starts with the reception of the raw materials that are carefully selected and sanitized. They then go into the production area, where the products are extracted or processed using the latest technologies, like our Italian Bertucci juice extractors or flash pasteurizers. It is with our proven processes that we make sure the foods and beverages we process go from their origin to your table with the greatest of cares.